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HOMEXCEL Microfiber Cleaning Cloth,12 Pack Cleaning Rag,Cleaning Towels with 4 Color Assorted


  • Microfiber
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING:Take these cleaning cloth in perfect size(11.5″X11.5″)to clean your worktop,kitchen,window or even your car or other delicate surfaces.With just water or cleaner,then you get streak-free and neat results.
  • LINT FREE& SCRTACH FREE: Made of 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon,these cleaning rags is soft to touch and lint-free. And it will not scratch or damage any finishes. Just clean it at your will.
  • Reusable&Durable: Can be used repeatly hundreds of times.With reinforced edges,these cleaning towels wont be teared or broken easily.So do your part for the enviroment and dont use the paper towels any more.
  • VERSATILE &EASY TO BE WASHED: Not only for the general clean task,but also for car exteriors or interiors, electronics, eyeglasses, collectables, screens, and more.After that ,Just rinse them or throw them into your wahsing machine as it is totally safe.
  • GIFT OPTION&WORRRY-FREE PURCHASE:Take them for your kitchen, or a gift for your loved ones.No more dirty or blot remained. And we would refund fully once you are dissatisfied with it.

HOMEXCEL ,founded in United States, delicates to provide daily people excellent cleaning cloth or towels and make your home sparkling.

Package Includes:

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth X 12 Pack

  • GreenX3pcs
  • BlueX3pcs
  • YellowX3pcs
  • PinkX3pcs

Microfiber Cloth

Made of 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon, so this extremely soft & non-abrasive rags can easily pick up liquid and remove any debris or dirt and do no harm to or leave streaks on glass, ceramics, porcelain, stovetops or silverware.

Colorful Cleaning Life

Comes in 4 colors (Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink),and in medium size(11.5″X11.5″),neither too large nor too small. You deserve a happy and colorful life instead of dull single-color.

Machine Safe

The reusable towels don’t fall apart or fray after cleaning or washing. So its totally safe that you can toss them in the laundry directly.