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Rveal | Razor – UV Light Sanitizer & Ultraviolet LED Sterilizer Hand Wand


  • Home & On-The-Go Disinfection — The UVILIZER Razor comes with a powerful, pure LED ultraviolet light that eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria, germs, fungi, pathogens and other harmful particles. It uses the most optimal UV-C light frequency to sterilize and sanitize surfaces in a matter of seconds by destroying the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in viruses.
  • Fodable & Portable — With the UVILIZER Razor, you can start sanitizing your home, bathroom, pet areas, cars and other personal items to protect yourself and your family instantly. All you have to do is make sure you have batteries inserted, turn it on and shine the UV disinfection light across any surface you want to sterilize and clean immediately at a 99.99% germ-killing rate.
  • Safe, Effective & Eco-Friendly — Our UV light sanitizer disinfects surfaces around you without any chemicals, residue, odor, pollution or use of water, making it very safe to use everyday for both you and the environment. The UVILIZER Razor also safety feature that powers the UV light off when facing upward to prevent it from being aimed at yourself or others and avoid any misuse as well as an auto-off function to save battery power for hours.
  • Portable & All-Purpose Use — Equipped with a more powerful UV light bulb and wider coverage area, the UVILIZER Razor is the perfect sanitizing device for your home and anywhere you go like school, work or travel. It’s convenient, portable and stronger than the rest, so now you can thoroughly disinfect any surface at home and protect yourself when you’re a on-the-go.
  • U.S. Support, Stock & Benefits — The UVILIZER Razor is certified by the E.P.A and comes with full warranty, satisfaction guarantees, and dedicated customer service to ensure you get the best experience possible and the protection you desire. Our US-based team is here to help answer any questions you have. Give it a try risk-free, you’re always covered.


The Rveal UVILIZER Razor has a powerful 2W LED Light that sanitize surfaces in seconds, eliminates 99.99% of germs, viruses, bacteria and any harmful particles. Optimal UV-C light wavelength of 254nm disinfects quickly.


The Rveal UVILIZER Razor Ultraviolet Light is very effective at disinfecting 99.99% of germs or any pathogens. Using the most optimal UV-C light frequency to sanitize surfaces in the matter of seconds.


The Rveal UVILIZER Razor runs on 4 x AAA batteries or via included USB cable. Turn the light on and shine UV light at a surface for 5-10 sec from several inches to sanitize the object and kill any harmful particles.


Press the power button for 3 seconds to activate UV light. Gravity sensor Auto-off feature turns the light off when LED wand is turned upward. Always point the light away from yourself or others. Only aim it downward and at the surface you would like to disinfect.